We have more than 2,000 satisfied clients in the London area. Do you want to experience exceptional professional massages? If so, there’s no need to go anywhere else!

Tantric Massage

We provide an array of luxury erotic, tantric massage services in the London area. We specialize in erotic art of completely nude to body sensual massages, which are provided by our highly-knowledgeable and beautiful masseuses. Our clients knows that we offer the most sensory, cultured massages you could ever receive.

We use a blend of ancient tantra, Western and Eastern massages so that every part of your body, mind and soul are soothed. Our professional masseuses will lovingly touch reach those spots.

What can you expect from Extatic’s Masseuse:

We hire only the best masseuses, handpicking them for their skills, charm, beauty, personality and skills. Every masseuse is between the ages of 21 and 30 years old and highly-qualified for the job.

After we hire a masseuse, we will improve upon their skills to make sure that you feel completely relaxed when in their presence. After all, the anticipation that comes from this expectation can be a little nerve-wracking. Check out our masseuse page to choose from any of our gorgeous masseuses.

Flexibility In Massage Treatment Locations

Outcall Massage
Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to offering massage treatments to clients. In order for you to be completely relaxed, and for the utmost convenience, our masseuse will come to you to provide the tantric massage treatments. It doesn’t matter where you are – home, work, hotel, etc. So if you are looking for a nice sensual massage in London, or even get a nuru massage near heathrow airport, we can make an arrangement for you.
Incall Massage
We will meet you any day of the week. Our standard rates will plus a small travel rates for bookings. We can talk about this at the time of you booking the appointment. If you’d rather come to us, we do have in-call services in the London area.

What Could You Expect To Pay

We firmly believe in the old proverb, “you get what you pay for”. We feel that we provide our customers with reasonably-priced massages. After all, you get a beautiful, experienced masseuse that provides consistent quality during the massage treatment.

We offer this as a luxury service for tantric massage connoisseurs. There are no other companies equal to us.

What Does Our Reputation Say About Us

We don’t travel the country, using rooms we rent or a private cell phone number to set up appointments. There are a multitude of massage companies doing that already. No, we want to appear as we are – trustworthy, reliable and experienced.

When make a booking London tantric massage with Extatic, you can rest assured that we have the skills and experience you need to enjoy a relaxing massage. We are a real business with a team ready to book you on our landline number. Due to our experience, we have clients who come back to us regularly, as they know we will provide them with a massage that won’t soon be forgotten.   We ensure professionalism and discretion to all our clients.

Are you ready for an extatic erotic massage today?


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