Many times I get asked by people if they book a massage will they receive a “happy ending?”

Enjoy Extatic Happy ending massage in London

People have different opinions as to what constitutes a “happy ending” when it comes to a massage. When you come to us for a massage, we relax your entire body by focusing on releasing your tight muscles. We work to ease all the built-up tension that you’ve been holding within your body. We provide a range of different massages so that you can book the one that best suits your needs. You can choose Swedish relaxation, body-to-body, sensual massage, and tantric, which seems to be the most popular these days. Another massage that many men find very exciting is the prostate massage. Your prostrate is located within your anal area so this massage is done very slowly and sensitively.

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Enjoy a happy ending massage with our lovely massage girl

If you are very tight and want a purely relaxing massage you may want to book a Swedish style massage, which is done with long sweeping strokes. Just living in a big city, coping with all the stresses of daily life can cause tension and we carry this with us in our bodies. This can be painful and deplete our energy without us even realising it! At London’s Extatic Tantric Massage, we have very skilled, highly qualified professional masseuses who are experts in relieving stress and tension as well as sensualising the entire body.

This combination of effects provided by a tantric massage, will enhance your ability for heightened pleasure over a prolonged period of time. You will feel totally relaxed in no time and erotically awakened by the magic of sensual tantric arousal. All massages include a HAPPY ENDING, and to us this means a prolonged teasing, an experience that is titillating and provides an immense amount of pleasure. This is the kind of pleasure that drives you to heightened feelings of arousal and eroticism. This heightened pleasure stays with you, in your body and spirit. This is an experience you will relish!

Welcome to London, contact Extatic Tantric massage today and get a slow, sensual , long-lasting wonderful happy ending massage in London…

You will always get a Happy Ending

On your next visit to London, please book an appointment so that you can again feel awakened to your sensual nature, to stimulate your sexual well being. You will feel more invigorated with enhanced vitality throughout your body and spirit.

We also offer other erotic experiences; our Nuru massage is performed on your naked body by one of the most beautiful girls, also in the nude. This is a truly amazing massage and an unforgettable experience! Using a special gel with on two naked bodies rubbing against each other, the effect is nothing short of sensational. With a Nuru massage you will come alive, feeling like a totally new person.

Book an appointment for any day of the week to experience this amazing massage. Contact us for the happy ending massage you’ve always dreamed of!

Remember every massage includes sensual or erotic aspects. Our hands and body are used to provide pleasure and to have a bit of bun. Sex is not included. For us a happy ending massage means that you will have an orgasmic ending and leave with a huge smile across your face!