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Prostate Massage: What Its Purpose Is and What You Can Expect During The Massage

The prostate gland, in Sanskrit, means “Sacred Spot” and is known for being the male G-spot. It’s thought that it’s the heart of a man’s sexual urges, built-up emotions and tensions. Many doctors’ first question to their male prostate patients is how much stress are they under. A prostate massage can ease irritation, tension, anger, sexual aggravation and a host of negative emotions.

Purpose Of A Prostate Massage

When it comes to a prostate massage, the purpose behind it is to heal the recipient using the energy of his body. A tantric prostate massage can increase the flow of blood, release muscle tension that envelopes the prostate gland and give you a whole new experience.

How To Properly Breathe During A Prostate Massage

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It doesn’t matter what kind of tantric massage you undergo, breathing is extremely important. After all, breathing can ease the mind, helping it to relax and ease tensions. Proper breathing techniques ensure the body focus on the massage’s gratifying aspects. Every movement you feel inside your body will feel like you’ve had an orgasm, without really having an orgasm.

What Happens During A Prostate Massage

A prostate massage is a little different from other types of tantric massages, as it involves a lot more physical contact. The massage begins with the breathing of both parties coming together as one. This allows the recipient to feel relaxed and readies him for the massage.

Once completely relaxed, a lubricated finger is placed in the anus and slowly moves up to the prostate gland. The area near the G-spot is massaged slowly with ever slow increasing pressure. After the recipient is comfortable, the prostate gland sides are massaged. With alternating hands massaging the prostate, the desire for stimulation increases the desire to get pleasure.

A man who has never had a prostate massage will find that it’s one of the most pleasurable experiences they can have and will crave the sensation of ecstasy over and over again.

Does Prostate Massage Hurts?

This massage is done by only professionals, it has health benefits and also will give you pleasurable experience. Read more about ‘Does Prostate Massage Hurts?