How The Yoni Massage Can Bring Women To A State Of Total Bliss and EcstasyThe Sanskrit word for vagina is Yoni (also called The Sacred Temple). The vagina, in the tantric culture, stands for far more than most people think. The majority of people know women have a difficult time getting an orgasm. After all, it’s the pivotal moment that she experiences with her lover.

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How The Environment For A Female Massage Be Set Up

Women are far more emotionally attached to the world than men. Therefore, the setting in which they can relax is a bit different for them than the male setting. Women use every sense to attain an orgasm, which means each sense needs to be excited. It may seem odd but women can get an orgasm just from kissing.

The setting needs to be dim, with scented candles set up all around the area. This helps tingle the senses of the Goddess. We can ensure this type of setting like no one else.

What Do You Need To Know To Enjoy The Yoni Massage Experience

We understand the importance of proper breathing, and we stress that importance to our recipients. Even-rhythm breathing will ensure the massage giver will tingle the senses, guaranteeing your mind relaxes and is sent to a world of extreme bliss. It’s important to have deep, relaxing breaths as opposed to fast, vigorous ones. Along with the breathing, both parties need to look each other – eye to eye.

How Does The Yoni Massage Work

This is a women version of ‘happy ending massage‘. The giver of the Yoni massage will massage the recipient’s crown. In a slow manner, he’ll make his way down the rest of her body – the neck, shoulders, breasts, belly, hips, thighs and legs are slowly massaged to reach the Yoni.

A fair amount of oil is placed on the area above the Yoni, which will drip down to the Yoni and cover it in carnal bliss. This oil is then softly and slowly rubbed on the outer lips of the Yoni, using the index finger and thumb.

The inner lips are done in the same manner. The speed and pressure of every stroke is placed on the inner and outer lips to ensure the most pleasure without a quick climax.

Once the clitoris has been reached, it will be softly massaged with simple round stroke and alternated between anti-clockwise and clockwise movements. The index finger and thumb are used to squeeze the area.

Finally, the G-spot, which is considered the sacred spot, is then stimulated. The middle finger is slowly and cautiously inserted into the yoni. The giver will explore it, using their middle finger that’s shaped into a hook to touch that G-spot.