Frequently Asked Question regarding Tantric Massage

Please note that the FAQs provided below is only for Extatic’s London Tantric Massage services (Adult Only)

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What is Tantric Massage?

You could ask: how can a massage transform our sex life? Seems like a far fetched idea. But this is not a normal massage that has to do with muscle tension and relaxation. This is a Tantric massage, a code to the combination lock of your partner’s body, a spell to unlock your own potential, a portal to another sexual dimension. This is a set of keys to a different sexual reality.

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Why Learn Tantric Massage?

Through learning and practing Tantric massage you can discover a whole new world about your bodies and sexual energy flow between you. You can meet at a point where both the man and the woman are at their most. You can open a new level of inner and physical sensitivity, create a much deeper flow of intimacy and heart connection, expand your capacity for pleasure, orgasms and fulfilling nourishing sex that charges you up rather than exhausts you.

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Can I enjoy / learn a Tantric Massage?

Through learning and practicing Tantric massage even the lovers with a great sex life can discover a lot more for themselves. It is a whole new dimension to your lovemaking that we don’t hear about in mainstream media. Not so good lovers can make a huge step to improvement. Mature couples can discover deeper intimacy and fulfillment that can keep their physical love going. Newly in love can build on strong foundation to avoid their sex life deteriorate one day. Tantric lovers can find a universal practice here that will open the door to Tantric sex for them. And if you are a couple that has problems, a Tantric massage can go a long way to addressing them.

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What Can the Man Get From having Tantra Massage?

By giving his woman a Tantric massage, the man gives her the deepest sexual relaxation at the same time as the most profound whole body arousal, and this really opens up the woman’s enjoyment and orgasmicity as never before. It is the best sexual gift he can give to his woman. The man also learns to be giving, to involve his heart more and by receiving a Tantric massage he finds new ways of lasting longer, feeling more, and avoiding erection problems and sex exhaustion.

Reference: What Can the Man Get From Having a Tantric Massage?

What Can the Woman Get From having Tantra Massage?

By receiving a Tantric massage the woman finally has a chance to completely open up to her man sexually, to feel her total sexual potential come alive. Many of her traumas can be healed that way and her potential for pleasure and orgasms can expand greatly. She can make her body more sensitive and more receptive to her man. And by giving the massage to her man she can learn to reconnect with her sensuality, her feminine nature and to tune her man to a common frequency where they can exist in deeper sexual connection.

Reference: What Can the Woman Get From Practicing Tantric Massage?

How Does the massage go?

Our Tantric massage treatments are more than just going through massage motions. Our masseuse will reveal to you a lot more, a fresh perspective on arousal, pleasure, orgasms and intimacy, and learning about the massage automatically involves learning about much more beyond the massage. The massage teaching is just a container that can bring that knowledge to you in a very practical way and lets you keep exploring at home, through real touch and your bodies. As such, it takes you further than reading sex manuals and going to talks.

How Much and How Long?

Each Tantric massage service will be between 1 and 3 hours long of dedicated time. You will  enjoy a tantric massage with our lovely masseuse and learn lots of thing during that time, things that may change your intimacy for ever. You will have the most exciting massage experience in the world and and this is money well spent – you will not get so much practical and comprehensive advice for this money anywhere else. We offer massage at massage parlour situated in central London and also provide massage to your home or hotel room.

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Even Better…

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a touch in this case speaks many more. Non-verbal direct experience can show you the essence of Tantric massage a lot clearer than words and demonstrations. Although masseuse’s sensual sessions are enough to give you a very good understanding, there is no substitute for having one full experience of this massage from a professional. It will take a little while to improve your technique at home and if the woman already has the experience of what it should feel like and how it should go, this goes a very long way to making the most out of your learning visit.