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From Ana and John Redman, age 30

We have studied a little about Tantra and Tantric love, so when we found out about this place we said to each other:” Wow! We must try this! We also knew a few things about the non-ejaculation orgasm, as a way to experience pleasure without wasting the sexual energy, and we were trying to succeed this, for some time.

The massage here was so great. We were in separate rooms, so when we met after the massage session, we were just so happy and so opened to experience more pleasure. So we went straight home, straight to our bedroom. Thank you for this wonderful experience, afterwards we both felt so complete.

From Dave Martin, age 29

I am working with computers and I am a regular customer in the massage saloons, as my back needs to be relaxed as often as possible. One problem that I worried about is that my body is very sensitive for an erotic massage, so I was afraid I would not be able to control the ejaculation during the massage session. I talked with the girls here about this concern of mine and I was encouraged to try it. It was unbelievable. You worked so good with my energy, that now I can have 3 hours of body massage and experience more pleasure with no fear of losing control. And now I can also last longer with my girl friend. Thank you, it really helped me!


From Diane Keaten, age 35

My husband, John had this brilliant idea to surprise me with such a gift, for our 10 years anniversary. As it was my first experience in London Tantric massage, in the beginning I felt a little bit tensed; I had no idea what was going to happen. I was really wondering if I would be able to relax and even experience pleasure.

My husband enjoyed it so much and he told me to forget all the worries and just relax, so I trusted him. Now what can I say? I was really surprised.

At first, the feeling of complete, deep relaxation took over my whole body. The erotic caress that followed aroused all my senses. My whole body became very sensitive, in a way that really surprised me. The yoni massage was amazing. I realized how important is to know how and where to touch the one you love. I told my husband how much I enjoyed it so we decided to come back for a special massage session, so he could also learn to practice the yoni massage. We are both looking forward for this! Thank you very much!


From Tom Darren, age 25

I had to admit I could not digest the idea of having an orgasm without ejaculation. But this idea made me very curious. What was very good in this tantric erotic massage was the perfectly balanced combination of relaxing moves with the very sensual touching. Every time I was close to orgasm, the very tender caress that followed, at the right moment, gave me a totally unexpected feeling of wellness, love and, it was like a whole body pleasure. In the end I expected to feel a little bit tensed in the sexual area, but actually, I did not. I really felt like my whole body enjoyed this.
Thank you, I will come back for more!

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