What Is Tantric Massage? Where You Can get a session in London?

Tantric Massage is basically a sensuous massage on another person’s body by massaging the parts of the body which have heightened senses, like the breasts and pubic in the case of the women and the male genitals for the man. This type of massage often leads to orgasms and hence is also called mutual masturbation.

History and Rituals

The origins of the Tantric Massage can be dated back to the 1600’s when doctors used to treat women using these massages to orgasm, which was considered a standard treatment for female hysterics. Professionals who provide the massages are well versed in the rituals and mediation that need to be performed prior to the massage. It is said that the rituals help to concentrate and creates a link between the universe and the chakras of your body and helps your body attain a higher state of energy.’

The London

There are many different techniques associated with the massages and few such techniques you can observe when massaged by the Tantric London. With plenty of technique, there are many benefits associated; some of them are as follows;

It increases the overall energy and revitalizes your body after a hard day of work.
Helps one look and feel younger, erasing the cracks and lines that have developed over the years.
For the heavy eaters, your cholesterol levels are reduced considerably which reduces the risk for heart attacks.
You become more sexually active and for relationships that face such problems, such massages are advised.


There are not many countries where such massages are legal now; United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands and Thailand are a few countries where such services are provided. Thailand in particular is known for such massages and many tourists visit the country, especially keeping in mind that such services are available.

These types of massages are well known in the countries where it is legal and most people do not have a problem with it because they know the effects it has had in keeping people de-stressed and happy.

Extatic Massage is a massage parlour in central London and of course we provide authentic tantric massage services in London.

You can also search for some real Tantric massage parlours in Tantric Massage Guide site, some other well-known tantric Massage companies in London are:


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Tantric Touch

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At last, we hope every one can enjoy a really good tantric massage treatment. Looking forward to meet you!