About Kundalini Massage

This session offers a quick introduction to the Tantric and Taoist Arts, integrating theraputic massage, Sensual Touch massage and Tantric and Taoist techniques.

Tantric and Taoist Practices

What does Tantra have to offer you?  Let’s find out!  Experiencing more bliss and confidence within intimate interactions, a way to integrate spirituality and/or meditation into certain aspects of your personal life, and exploring abstract facets of the Tantric Arts are all part of our journey.

Essential to developing Tantric skill and ability are physical capabilities such as Pranayama (Tantric Breathing), White Tantric concentration/meditation techniques, and Mulabhanda (Muscle Contraction) that keep you aware and present and thereby increasing your confidence, pleasure and potential pleasure dramatically.  Precise instruction is given on Ejaculation Control and preparation for male and/or female multiple orgasms as well as sacred spot awareness.

*Many aspects of Tantric and Taoist exploration are encouraged with the exception of Karmamudra, which is NOT appropriate for this level of Tantric practice.

Samadhi through Blissful Eye Gaze, is a practice that cultivates deep intimacy.  We feel the primary essence of our Spiritual Being together as we affirm our Heart Connection at the Annahata Chakra.
Traditional Massage & Stimulating Touch 

The hunger for touch is a real human need almost as important as food. And just as intimacy can be seen differently from love and sex (though the two are often combined) touch also – as an  activity in itself – can be a wholly satisfying.  Sensual Massage is a beautiful way of expressing affection, cultivating intimacy and satisfying this hunger. I bring personal focus to each appointment with your specific individual energy in mind, combining a wide variety of healing experience and modalities such as Shiatsu, Swedish, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Thai Massage and Aromatherapy.

Stimulating, or Erotic Touch is an art form in and of itself.  The sensitivity of another person’s body is an empathetic skill that can be developed over time.  The invitation to explore this worship technique is given to true seekers over a period of time of getting to know one another (inquire within!).  Learning to give first begins with learning to recieve.