Tantric and Erotic Massage

What Is The Difference Between Erotic Massage And Tantric Massage?

There are many massage parlours in London where you can receive an erotic massage, but few are those where you can receive an authentic tantric massage. This makes people wonder if there is any difference between the two and what that difference is. This is what we’re going to debunk in this article.

“Tantric Massage is more like a spiritual experience and healing experience while erotic massage is a pure release of your sexual energy.” – Tantric Massage Guide

The line between tantric & erotic massage is thin

There is a thin line between tantric massage and erotic massage, which allowed many masseuses to cross it and call their services what they are not. However, this is never going to happen in reputable salons in London like Extatic Tantric Massage. An erotic massage is meant to end with an expected outcome (happy ending, orgasm), while tantric massage is always ending unexpectedly. This is one of the major differences between the two, which can also be put differently: an erotic massage is meant to bring the person who receives it on the peaks of pleasure, while tantric massage is meant to help one relax and enjoy his own sexuality.


Massage can be your door to sexual healing

Tantric massage has a more emotional component, as it is meant to empower the receiver. This empowerment also comes with a higher consciousness on one’s sexuality and the ability to use it effectively in daily life. Tantric massage is healing. An erotic massage is meant for sexual satisfaction, which also empowers the receiver, as it allows him or her to release all that residual energy at Extatic in London, leaving that person free to focus on other areas of life. Erotic massage is often seen as a “guilty pleasure”, yet it is highly constructive and beneficial.

Both types of massage have a well defined place in modern society and one shouldn’t be embarrassed to crave one of them. Your body needs the benefits of tantric and erotic massage from time to time and you should respect and love this fact. When you conquer your fear and misconceptions and allow yourself to receive a massage, your perspective upon the world will grow. For additional information of our erotic and tantric massage service here.

Erotic and Tantric, London has them all!

At Extatic London, our massage goddesses offer both Erotic massage and tantric massage, all services will be provided based on your personal request and needs. In the case of our masseuses are not available for your appointment time, we also recommend following massage parlours which you can trust:

Lust Massage

Lust is a massage parlour on baker street, they has friendly staff, marvellous massage therapists in the store with perfect packages on the tantric Massage and erotic massage.

tel: 074232 60068

Eros Massage

Eros a premiere and leading erotic & tantric massage parlour in central London, with good reputation and high quality service.

tel: 07741 857381

Tantric Touch

Tantric touch provides body to body, sensual tantric massage by trained masseuses.

tel: 07551 969265

Sky Tantric

A Tantra massage company based in paddington with a variety of tantric and sensual massage for customers.

tel: 07518 409462