All terms stated below are unconditionally applicable to all our clients equally and without exception. Extatic London Tantric Massage preserves the right to refuse serving any customer, whose intent, behavior and appearance does not comply with Agency’s policy.

1. Age restrictions of the service:

You must be 18 years old or over to be able to use Extatic Tantric massage services.

2. Fees requirements and procedures:
Please make certain that you have full fee in cash prior to your massage therapist arrival.

3. Booking requirements and procedures:
If you are booking a massage for hotel visit, please be ready to provide your full name, name of your hotel, hotel room number, hotel address with the postal code and phone number of the hotel reception.

If you are booking a home visit, please be ready to provide your full name, full address including postcode and your landline number.

These details are used for security check and booking confirmation only, and your privacy is never compromised in any way. All information given to the agency is treated with discretion, your details are never shared with any third parties or otherwise misused. Please read our Privacy policy for more information on how we treat your personal details or inquire at the reception in case you have some unaddressed questions or concerns.

4. Service requirements and procedures:

Please ensure your personal hygiene is in good order and you had a thorough shower before the arrival of your masseuse.

Please refrain from using excessive amounts of drugs, alcohol or any other central nervous system affecting substances prior or during your massage session.

If you would like to lengthen your massage session, please inform the agency and the masseuse in advance.

No other people but you and your masseuse should be present in the room where massage takes place throughout all massage session. learn more about erotic massage sessions

No soliciting for sexual services outside of those listed on Agency website should ever take place.

Please respect personal boundaries of your massage therapist at all times.

Any attempt to abuse our stuff members verbally or physically will result in termination of service without refund and blacklisting of your details; we will not tolerate any expression of disrespect and will not hesitate to report to the police any serious incident.

5. Booking cancelations

Cancelation of your appointment within first 10 minutes of the arrival of your massage therapist is a subject to 50GBP cancellation fee.

Cancelation of your appointment past 10 minutes after the arrival of your massage therapist will incur the full massage fee of 250GBP.

Any violation of the above stated Terms of Service will incur instant and permanent ban.

6. Disclaimer

All the information on Extatic Tantric Agency official website is accurate at the time of publishing, while the Agency preserves the right to amend times of operation, prices, policies, terms and conditions etc. at any time with no prior notice.